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ITC Logo Projection Point Ltd is a member of the International Testing Commission.

Projection Point offers a wide range of products - here are some at a glance.

The Basic RQ Test is a free risk intelligence test that consists of 50 statements which may be true or false. Your task is to say how likely you think it is that each statement is true.
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The RQ Calculator is a free tool that allows users to compute an RQ score by either drawing a calibration curve or by specifying the answers to previously cast predictions statements.
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The Expert RQ Test consists of a domain specific risk intelligence test (which will vary according to your choice of field) and a personality test which will measure various aspects of your behaviour.
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The Custom Test allows companies and government departments to create their very own Risk Intelligence test and measure and analyze the RQ of their colleagues or employees.
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The Projection Point Risk Magazine is a quarterly magazine discussing all matters related to risk. It contains articles and interviews with key decision makers in business, military and academia.
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